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As per the New Codes, the turnover threshold for an Exempt Micro Enterprise is now R10 million, however such entities only require an Affidavit as proof of their EME Status. The period of transition is always a challenging phase and user acceptance of the affidavit has been poor. The affidavit is unfortunately widely seen by business owners as insufficient to confirm their BEE Status. Most entities when issued with a BEE Affidavit feel a self-declaration is not sufficient to give their clients confidence despite this being the only statutory prescribed requirement for Exempt Micro Enterprises.
While the DTI has issued a notice to all Government procurement departments to accept the affidavit, as with any law the government passes, it takes time for both government and corporate to align their processes with the changes. We provide BEE certification services to aid our clients’ efforts in this process.
As a result we are able to provide a certificate of ownership to Exempt Micro Enterprises after having reviewed the documents required. This certificate is not a B-BBEE Verification certificate but would clearly show the level and procurement recognition and all the facts contained in the affidavit, only in a certificate format. This certificate is only issued at the request of our clients who feel the affidavit is insufficient for their business needs and can only be issued as an appendix to the affidavit. Our team can guide you through the whole BEE registration process seamlessly.
Another reason why clients request this Ownership Analysis Certificate is because an Affidavit would contains the details of the Director or Member making the declaration (Full Names, Address and ID Number), this means that putting the affidavit on display (e.g. on your website or in your offices) would also give anyone access to that Director’s details.

BEE Affidavit AND BEE Confirmation of Ownership

BEE Affidavit AND BEE Confirmation of Ownership in certificate format


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We can provide you with a quotation for a SANAS Accredited Certificate issued by our Partner Company who is SANAS Accredited.

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