FIXED FEE Accounting Services

With No Hidden Charges

Budgeting for a monthly payment

In a structured way is part of our domestic lives

We budget for electricity, telephone, water so why not budget in the same way for Accountancy services? Accounts need to be done each year for your company whether you have set up a new business or you have been in business for a while and are looking for a fresh approach. You may also find that you need additional assistance throughout the year for questions or issues that you may not have thought about which is where our accounting services come into play. Our partner has extensive experience dealing and can provide a free initial meeting or free 30 minute SKYPE or telephone call to review your requirements with you.

What are the main advantages of fixed-fee accounting?

Most importantly, we can assist you with your entire annual business tax requirement.

Personal approach

We can provide you with a telephone based service but you can also arrange to meet our staff whenever the need arises

There are different reasons for this, discussions about potential expansion, strategic business planning, tax queries, vat issues and the list goes on. We can provide you with a dedicated contact point with whom you can meet, email or telephone as part of the accountancy package you pay for. You may choose whatever method or frequency of communication you wish within the same price point.

How do we compare with online or telephone only based accounting services?

In comparison to a basic telephone based accountancy package we are still much more cost effective and our package includes free VAT and PAYE submission of returns. Prices for our minimum package for a SA company with a turnover of up to R2000 000 with up to 120 sales invoices and 120 expense invoices or 240 bank transactions are R5000. Why don’t you send us an email with your requirement and we will discuss our fees with you.

What else do we offer?

In addition to the basic accountancy package we can offer the following ancillary services:

We have an experienced team of accountants for hire with a diverse range of expertise in the management of accounting and bookkeeping functions within a small to medium sized business. Our streamlined and automated business accounting services ensure that we deliver value to your business cost effectively and efficiently.

Our professional accounting services include:

Preparation of Financial Statements

The preparation of annual financial statements is a pre-requisite for any business that is actively operating. Financial statements report on your businesses financial status, they guide the management team on the overall performance of the business. You will need financial statement for filling of your annual tax returns with the South African Revenue Services, they are also a must have if you intend to raise capital from banks and investors.

We prepare financial statement in accordance with the latest accounting standards used in South Africa, they include:

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