Business Plans


Business Plan

A Business starts with an idea, but… You need more than a good idea‚Ķ. You need a plan to chart your success. In many instances it remains the one document that stands between you and realising your dream.
As a business, operating in a tough market, funding and cash flow remain the greatest challenges that will be encountered. Obtaining the capital and funding that is required are often the greatest hurdles any business faces from time to time.

A credible business plan remains as the key to unlocking the doors of financing your business whether it be a startup enterprise or a going concern that is looking to expand its operations. At ANM we specialise in creating a business plan that speaks to your potential funders/ financiers on all aspects of your business and its aspiration for growth.

Every plan that is produced is created specifically for your business taking into account the surrounding Market conditions and the aspects that makes your business unique. We provide the following high level areas in our business plans which average between 30-50 pages in size. Whilst we cannot guarantee that you will get the funding you require we can however guarantee that you will have your best shot at obtaining the funding using our business plan

Our business plans contain the following information and match up to the requirements sought by most financial intuitions and funders

Required We Provide
Item IDC NEF Banks Private Investors ANM Business Plan
Executive summary: General overview of the business X X X X X
Purpose of Required Funding X X X X X
Valuation of Business X X X X X
Products and Services Offered X X X X X
Industry Analysis X X X X X
Target Market Analysis X X X X X
Competitor Analysis X X X X X
Supplier Analysis X X X X X
Operational Analysis X X X X X
Description of Management and Human Resources X X X X X
Internal and External Risks X X X X X
Socio Economic Benefits X X X X X
Financials and Cash Flow Analysis X X X X X


Excerpts from our business plans


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