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We are a legitimate Chartered Accountants firm. Our services are professional.

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We offer the following when you register a company with us:

  1. When you register a company with us we offer FREE ACCOUNTING ADVICE  after all every successful business needs an accountant. You email us and we will reply at no additional cost. So you have Chartered Accountant/s at your side for FREE.
  2. We are the most affordable and reliable…
  3. Online registration process. Quick, and easy process.
  4. We offer a holistic service, to get your company on it’s feet. Our services include  SARS requirements, UIF, Payroll(payslips) and financial statements. And many other business requirements so you will need us in future, rather start at the right place and have peace of mind.

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Name of choice (if available cipc)
Free Accounting Advice
Income Tax Registration
Tax Clearance Certificate
BBB-EE Certificate/Affidavit
Share Certificate
Import and export licence
CIDB Registration – Construction
Vat Registration
Submission of INCOME Tax returns
Submission of Vat returns
Financial Statements (1st year)
Free Accountant Consultations
Bank Account FNB (optional)
Business Plan ✅ Int* ✅ Adv*
COST R350 R550 R1750 R2750 R2500 R2850 R10850 R7500 R10850
Apply Apply Apply Apply Apply Apply Apply Apply Apply
WE apply ASAP! (Companies are registered in approx. 2 – 5 days; at times if there are CIPC delays the process takes a bit longer but we will keep you updated.)

Optional Add ons:

Business Profile – A brief business description 2- 5 pages may be used for tenders. R999 (normally R1599)

Marketing your business to the outside world is the difference between success and failure. Stakeholders that are external to your business want detail that is informative, factual, visually appealing and above all as brief as possible. We believe that we have produced a template that covers all these aspects in a manner that will showcase your company’s capability and it’s management’s ability to deliver professionally. There are no second chances in business and that’s why your first attempt at making an impression should be a lasting one.

PAYE/UIF/SDL Registration- R1800

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Payslips – R50 per employee

example company profile
Example Company Profile
Example Company Profile